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    makerist is a platform that offers inspiration, instructions, and all required materials – easy to understand and convenient for a clear sense of achievement from the very first DIY project.

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    Our Platform


    For creatives, searching for specific materials or stocking up on DIY supplies, stoffe.de offers the largest crafting assortment. Creative experts find exactly what they need for their individual DIY projects.

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Our Club Code

Our principles are our guiding rails. They shape our cooperation and the way we work

  • Empower By Trust
    We believe in the competence and expertise of each team member and strive for creative thinking, personal learning and continuous growth. Through empowerment, every one of us proactively contributes to our success, makes independent decisions and takes personal responsibility.
  • Customer Impact
    We want our customers to be highly satisfied by a unique, smooth and seamless experience. That is why we create a deep and long-term impact to establish sustainable and valued relationships with them.
  • No Front - Speak Up
    We challenge positively with intuition, intelligence and accurate data by speaking up with the aim to achieve the greatest customer impact and value creation. We take no front as it is not about our personal issues but about our common goal.
  • Own Your Actions
    We are free to act responsibly. We accept accountability for our actions and their outcome, for our own well-being and dedication, our customers, our team, our stakeholders, our community, and society, and for our environment.
  • Celebrate Diversity
    No matter our age, ethnic background and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and worldviews, sexual orientation or social background, we embrace diversity of thinking and believe that the best ideas come from diverse teams.
  • Fire-Aim-Fire
    As a dynamic team, we have an agile mindset and thrive on targeted execution. We welcome fast, intelligent decisions and outcome-oriented action (fire). We empirically measure our results and alter our product/action accordingly (aim). We then execute again (fire). This is how we meet our targets in the most effective way.
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    Numbers & Facts

    Performance figures

    • 500
    • 4.000
    • 30.000
    • 70.000
    • 1.700
    • new products every month
    • packages sent per day
    • physical products
    • e-learning contents
    • external pattern designers selling via our makerist marketplace
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    Numbers & Facts

    Company figures

    • 2
    • 15
    • +350
    • 70%
    • 1 Mio
    • 2 Mio
    • consumer brands
    • online shops in 12 european countries
    • employees from 35 countries
    • of our colleagues are women; 50% of our management team are women
    • customers served in the last 12 months
    • followers on social media
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    Numbers & Facts


    • 2 %
    • 30 %
    • 100 %
    • 1000
    • return rate only
    • of imports are remaining stock being returned to the product lifecycle
    • of Tula GOTS certified
    • pattern designers sell via our marketplace

Our Club Members

Meet our leadership team

  • Dr. Andreas Seifert
    Dr. Andreas Seifert,
    Chief Executive Officer:
    "We believe in the competence and expertise of each team member and strive for creative thinking, personal learning and continuous growth."
  • Axel Heinz
    Axel Heinz,
    Chief Marketplace Officer & Managing Director makerist:
    "We offer individual quality time for people with results to be proud of – which company can say that about itself?"
  • Jana Sailer
    Jana Sailer,
    Chief People Officer:
    "The development of TCC is outstanding. It shows the enormous strength diversity & passion are able to unleash."
  • Dr. Andreas Thies
    Dr. Andreas Thies,
    Chief Technology Officer:
    "Creativity is in our DNA! This is also reflected in our tech achievements, such as the AR app and the link to traditional e-commerce."
  • Victoria Herzog
    Victoria Herzog,
    Chief Operations Officer:
    "Enabling our customers as well as our teams to create something that makes them happy and proud is our passion. For that learning, growing and achieving even the unexpected is our motivation."
  • Philipp Reisswig
    Philipp Reisswig,
    Chief Marketing Officer:
    "Creativity is anchored in our thinking, way of working and products. It allows us to work curiously, flexibly and enthusiastically, to break new ground and create great things. It makes the customer expe-rience unforgettable and the world colourful."
  • Barbara Möbius
    Barbara Möbius,
    Chief Logistics Officer:
    "What makes TCC so special is our powerful corporate culture that guides us in our relationships with customers, colleagues and our products."
  • Karim Lotfy
    Karim Lotfy,
    Chief Digital Officer:
    "Our goal is to provide a great customer experience by designing and building an easy-to-use, innovative and scalable platform."

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