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The Creative Club on its Way into the AR Crafts Future

The DIY company is investing heavily into AR technology and artificial intelligence

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February, 2022

Digital business The Creative Club (TCC) successfully defended its pole position in the creative sector. The masterminds behind 15 creative online platforms such as and broke the 50 million € revenue threshold in 2021. A growth of 40 % in Germany alone, compared to 2020, and 90 % compared to 2019 – entirely out of their own resources! Mission for 2025: TCC becomes the most highly developed tech business in the creative sector. To that end, the company is investing heavily into AR technology and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to a million active customers – among them sewing experts, fashion lovers, creative rookies, families and sustainability fans – TCC made a profit for the second year running. Apart from Germany and France as the most lucrative core markets, Denmark and the Netherlands have emerged as promising future markets with a growth of 58 % (NL) and 50 % (DK), respectively.

In 2021, the creative business dispatched roughly 4,000 orders per day from its own logistics centre in Schenefeld. Among the top sellers were plotters as well as outdoor fabrics and particularly sustainable GOTS-certified fabrics.

Other promising performance figures: 5 million ebook downloads and worldwide 1,700 external pattern designers selling their digital products via makerist as an online marketplace. The most popular designers – such as STUDIO SCHNITTREIF, Lybstes or rosarosa – achieved a five-digit income in 2021.

The Creative Club CEO Dr. Andreas Seifert is very content with this development: “We are very proud of what we have. We are taking the Do-It-Yourself sector into the digital future and crafting into the everyday lives of all generations. We want to inspire them and create a space where they can get everything for their DIY projects: ideas, materials, helping hands and a community eager to learn from each other and celebrating the results of each other’s work.”

Andreas Seifert

At the same time, the company invests massively in its own technological developments: the makeristAR-App for example traces digital patterns to fabrics via AR technology, thus saving paper printouts and time. For the future, the launch of AR smart glasses is planned, which precisely project the cut edges into the crafter’s line of sight, creating a more liberated and intuitive sewing experience. First experiments are already underway. Another key part of the tech initiative is the integration of artificial intelligence into the company’s own shops and software systems. The idea behind this is to establish a virtual assistant that personalises and supports the individual shopping experience even more. It is about integrating the stationary service advantages into the virtual world and creating a harmonious balance between analogue creative work and digital inspiration.

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About The Creative Club
The Creative ClubThe Creative Club is Europe’s leading digital company on the Do-It-Yourself market. Besides the German creative platforms and, the company engages in eleven other European countries and exports to more than 50 countries all over the globe. The range includes more than 30 000 physical DIY products and over 70 000 digital patterns and e-books. The Creative Club employs about 337 people from 35 countries at their sites in Hamburg and Berlin.

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